5 Fears of Starting a Business

I recently read the article, “5 Fears You’ll Need to Conquer Before Starting a Business”, published by Entrepreneur magazine online, that I really liked a lot.  I decided though, that only half the information was presented!  I wanted to respond with an answer to those fears in comparison to the business I am engaged in.  A specific answer! I have joined an online training platform that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet in this new digital economy and successfully sell affiliate products, or their own products that they learn to develop online.

The Five Most Common Fears Answered

The first entrepreneurial fear addressed is running out of money.  I can attest to the fact that most businesses require a lot of start-up capital.  A decent franchise business will run anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000 and more! That’s what I LOVE about the business I chose to work with. You can choose different levels of participation in the programs, each at a different investment amount. It is fair, too, based on the one-on-one training, and the level of training promised. You’ve heard the saying, “It takes money to make money”, and it is no doubt true.  However, it doesn’t take as much as you think to start a credible business, especially one with flexible options.

The second big fear, is not being good enough. This applies to your product and YOU! I chose this company because of the superiority and diversity of the training (everything from business and project management tips to soft skills), which is the product, and they are getting better all the time. The leadership is getting ready to roll out a certification program which provides credibility, as well as offering the exceptional training to outside business owners without them having to be enrolled as members. This is huge! Only existing members will be allowed to sell the training to business owners so that they can learn how to develop an online presence and brand for their business.  Is there a business out there that won’t need to jump on the internet in the next few years in order to survive?  I don’t think so! The personal development included in the training platform is unsurpassed, and in my opinion, is the most important aspect of the training! You need to be willing to grow as an individual to gain success no matter what type of entrepreneurial opportunity you decide to undertake.

The third villain is fear of failing. This is probably the biggest reason people don’t try to start their own businesses. Fear is a lie, an illusion. The sooner we recognize this the better chance we have to succeed. Fear is the #1 reason people don’t live their lives to the fullest, or go after their dreams. This is also the reason a community is so important. We lift each other up and encourage each other. Some of the most successful people in world history have experienced multiple failures before they succeeded at their chosen endeavour! You just have to keep going.

Next, we have overwhelm. It’s true, there are times, especially in the beginning, that new entrepreneurs deal with feelings of overwhelm. But our esteemed founders are really good about addressing these feelings and teaching how to manage them. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! The trick is to go back and review, because you only retain a small portion of information that you are bombarded with at first. By reviewing, you remember more, so you can apply more! This is another area that the community can encourage you and help keep you grounded. We have an amazing community from all over the world that connect on social media and in the state of the art company back office.

Finally, the last but not least fear is the fear of the unknown. This fear affects us all, entrepreneur or not. We get comfortable in our little bubbles where we seldom have to take risks, but this is not how we are meant to live! This fear is also addressed by the training. There really isn’t any unknown aspect. Our leaders have paved the way with franchise type systems that have worked for them, and worked very well!  Successful businesses operate by duplicatable systems.  Franchises are successful BECAUSE of systems that work.

The Biggest Unknown for an Entrepreneur

The biggest unknown in learning to be an entrepreneur is how to develop your passion, what you have to offer the world. Don’t tell me you don’t have anything. We ALL have something to offer! Developing your passion, dialling in your customer avatar and learning how to write ads is the biggest challenge when learning to market online or offline. The community, again, is so much help in these areas. There are multiple groups and challenges that offer the tools we need. There really aren’t a lot of unknowns when learning internet marketing with this academy.

So there you have it!  What fears are holding you back from stepping out of your safe bubble and going after your goals and dreams?  Won’t you share?  If you have been thinking about, and wanting to do something to change your lifestyle and would like to know more about the cutting edge company I am working with, then please click the link below. You really have nothing to lose by checking it out and seeing if it is right for you.