The Beginners Guide To Styles (From Step 1)

Tips for Establishing Your Signature Style

Something that we all want in life is having a signature style. We want to express our uniqueness through the way we look, act and the way we dress. As humans, it is for us to attempt and make ourselves stand out from the others and allow our personality to shine through and fashion is one way to do this.

The first step for finding your fashion style is to know your body and its shape. Understanding your body type is the best way to ensure that your clothes look flattering on you. There are four main body types; hourglass, pear, straight and apple. Each shape has its distinctive characteristics and will supply you with a distinctive style to use. For example, clothes that cut at the waist will match the hourglass to take advantage of the pure curve. On the other hand, the more athletic builds will search for the peplum to provide them with that look of curves. Be sure to use a body shape calculator to know your body shape and then you can utilize this to help you in finding clothes which fit your style and display your natural curves in the best way.

Think about the most iconic fashion personalities in the world. They’ll all have that one accessory that they have on them no matter the event, and it specially defines their style. You might choose a stunning jewelry bit such as one from the Sons of Vikings. Perhaps you like a bold red lip and would wear this every day or maybe you utilize your hair as your iconic look. Whatever you choose, it will define who you are, and it is what others will recognize you for.

Be sure when choosing an item of clothing that you can re-wear it in case you do not want to waste your money. The key to finding your style and showing it off lies in having the ability to pick items that you love, and you’re able to wear for several decades. Use two railings and then use these clothes to test yourselves. Leave one empty for a month and each time you wear an item of clothing, put it on that rail. At the end of the month, you can see the clothing items which you cannot live without.

If you would want to come up with the ideal outfits that match your style, you will have to create a board where you can pin all of your outfit ideas and looks you want to wear. You could do this by scrolling through Pinterest and getting outfits you love and then saving them to a board to refer to them later. You could jot down some items that you would want to add to your wardrobe.