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Important Facts about Online Counseling.

Online counselling is fairly a new therapeutic service. Previously, people used to have the traditional in-person face to face therapeutic sessions offered in almost every community. Due to the growth in technology, there is a rapid growth of online counseling. The online counseling has expanded to the pc to pc, telephone sessions, chats, webcam live video sessions from the simple email-based therapeutic communication. Online counseling is mostly dependent on internet and computer.

Computer attached to internet is usually useless if it has no connections to the phone or cable lines this makes online counselling to be dependent on the internet service providers. People stay online most of the time since they want to remain hooked up with their friends and also due to the fact that there is constant decrease in the computer costs. Banking, research, shopping, communication and game playing by use of computers are common just like driving to the local store. Online counseling and therapy is nowadays becoming a norm.

The basic online counseling majorly entails the client writing out their problem what it is and also sending the information through email to online counselor or the therapists who usually replies within a day or two days.

Depending on whether it was a chat or a telephone session, the fee vary. Open mind counselling takes the unique approach of offering no fee policy, risk free and instead of clients to voluntarily submit to the monetary gifts of any suggested amount at the completion of single session. Cons in online counselling are majorly eliminated by use of these approaches.

Among the advantages of online counselling is convenience is one. It was required that one visits the office in the traditional therapy. The appointments usually happened during work hours and it simply meant that one had to leave their work, drive to another location in their own city or town, get a place to pack attend the scheduled session and later return to work. It is time consuming and you will later realize that you spent double of the time that you could have spent in online counselling. Online counselling takes place in the comfort of your own home and at the convenience of your schedule. Online counse4lling session can take place anywhere since there is the availability of the wireless technology.

Online counselling session is cheap unlike the traditional in person face to face counselling.
Anonymity is another significant advantage of the online counselling. Most people love presenting their issues where they are sure that there is no scrutiny or observation. Honesty and self-disclosure occur more rapidly due to anonymity.

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