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Guide to the Best Baby Changing Tables

A baby changing table looks like a piece of standing furniture with many drawers underneath where you can put the baby things in. The top part of this furniture is the place where you change your baby’s diaper or where you clean your baby and it has padding to keep the baby comfortable.

It sounds practical to have one of those in the house so one do not have to either bend one’s knee and hurt one’s back while caring out that chore. These types of changing tables, however, are quite expensive.

One of the problems of this type of changing table as mom’s soon found out is that when one is changing baby diapers during the wee hours of the night becomes quite impractical. The difficulty is in getting out of the bed, getting the baby, standing at the changing table to do the job, and then when baby does it again, it becomes such a wearisome task.

There are better changing tables that come with locking wheels which you can just wheel around wherever you will need it at night like near one’s bed for easy reach. Even then, one still has to do the task at dawn while standing and staggering.

Sometimes this type can become impractical especially if you live in a two storey house because you can’t keep on bringing it up and down your home so it either ends up not being used at all, or put in the place near where the baby sleeps. This makes it not a good buy though.

The best one to buy is the cot top changers which look like plate trays which are very portable and takes up very little space; they are also light and ideal for bringing around. They are also cheap that you can even get an extra plate in your car. You can then purchase a portable bag designed to carry nappies and creams.

Another competing alternative are those changing mats or fabrics that are supple. They are lighter and easier to bring, but it also constitute the hindrance of not having a stiff platform that will enable someone to mount, affix, set up or fasten them on holders, frames, and other similar fitting or surfaces that are not suitable with a supple flooring. Cot top changing tables have the advantage of having raised edges that keeps the baby from slipping off even with a harness that prevents the baby from rolling.

Cot tops preferably called ‘portable changing stations’ is not only water proof they are also easy to clean, with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of stench. These cot tops are very safe since they adhere to global safety regulations and standards.

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