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Everything You Need To Know About The Unity Sand Ceremony

The unity sand ceremony can be a good and even better alternative to the unity candle ceremony. A unity sand ceremony is more often than not very effective especially when it comes to signifying the eternal unity between a bride and a groom. Most unity candle ceremonies often requires both the bride and the groom to light a large candle together. However, most people today prefer the unity sand ceremony which often involves both the bride and the groom pouring differently colored sand into one big colorless vase. Most of the unity sand ceremonies are more often than not very appealing, unique, beautiful, and exciting for the couple as well as all of their invited guests and family members.

Even though the unity sand ceremony has many different variations and customization, most of them include two differently colored sand. The unity sand ceremony is more often than not very effective and beautiful and one of the reasons for this is because one color of the sand signifies the love the bride has for the groom while the other colored sand show the affection the groom has for his bride. To symbolize their unity and coming together, the bride and the groom will pour their differently colored sand into one big vase together. The two differently colored sands combined in one big vase often shows that two different individuals have made a holy pact to come together and share their lives together.

There is also another common version of the unity sand ceremony that often involves an extra vase of differently colored sand that for the children of either the bride and the groom. In order to still maintain a little sense of individuality even though you are tying the knot, some versions of the unity sand ceremony requires that both the bride and the groom leave a little sand in their specific vases.

Many couples that have done unity sand ceremonies in the past have had a wide variety of unity sand ceremony vases to choose from in regards to color, design, shape, size, and weight. You will be able to take the big vase containing both of your differently colored sands home and this will help the both of you remember the special day of your wedding ceremony.

Most couples that have done a unity sand ceremony often engrave their names and the date of their wedding on the large vase which they take home with them. Most couples that do the unity sand ceremony more often than not remain happily married for a very long time.

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