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Some Trends of Website Design that Produce Will Make Your Site Better

Just like any new development, the past web designs were considered boring and not exciting the first time it came out. Fortunately nowadays, several web design trends are constantly evolving that make new websites more interesting.

There is now an out of control of white space that SEO finds bare, but it remains to be seen.

There is now a minimalist vibe nowadays that shows minimalism is not anymore for barefoot runners and Amish people but also for major websites. However, take note that practice is necessary for minimalism to be perfected. And so, the application of the principles of basic design is still to be followed under the rule of threes as it major aspect, as in, by dividing the page up into thirds and positioning the content on these axes. Serving well for a minimalist website is the triangular placement, wherein you will offset different objects in a triangular trajectories giving a pleasant outcome.

Another trend in website design today is by compartmentalizing the content of the site. A new flavour is added to the compartmentalizing content through this flat design approach and judged to be compelling, and it is described as bringing the content towards the edges of the page thereby making one image meet another, thus a seamless image is created.

The next trend is coloring of both sides of the line, a contradictory to our past lessons, and this is combined with overlapping images and text lines producing a knock out design.

Our next web design pattern experimented by web designers are the incorporation of grids and other patterns to fill up the white space and at the same time maintaining the flow of the content.

Another fun web design trend is going vertical when the content design is re-arranged and re-shaped. The idea of this trend is focused on a balanced vertical text and horizontal text giving an impression of movement, and if rightly done, this will lead your eyes down the page and on to the highlighted content.

The so-called two-tone approach or trend is being applied today by web designers in their technique where a pastel color is chosen to be paired with a solid color. Some websites are using this method on every page and element of the site, and some consider it as gaudy, but since it is the trend, designers are doing it.

The next trend is considered exciting too and this is the use of illustrations that balance out the minimalism approach.

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